About EvK O&P

About Emiel van Kampen Objects & Projects

Up-cycled lighting, accessories and furniture. Handmade objects with attention to sustainability, craftsmanship and reuse of materials.


I use discarded / used materials that poses a certain beauty because of their form.

To not let this beauty go to waste, I give these materials a new function.

My passion lies mainly with industrial and automotive components.

As base material for a new up-cycled object, often there is little to be added to serve it's new function. If you consider the shape and interpret it in a different manner, the new function comes naturally.

The base materials, used for most of my products/objects, are reused and thus already have had a previous life. This often means that there are signs of use visible on the material, such as scratches, rust, small dents, and wear. This gives the material character and makes every object unique.
I'm doing my very best to get the best out of the materials used and take care of a decent finish.
Materials with a rusty surface for example, are given a clear coat finish and chrome and aluminium are (where needed) polished.

With my lighting objects, safety and durability come first. That is why I nearly always use new electrical components (wiring, fitting, strain relief, etc.) and where the light source is part of the object I use LED light bulbs.
I prefer using LED filament light bulbs because these have the looks of an old fashion clear incandescent lamp and emit a warm light but use only a fraction (approx. 10%) of the power. Where the light source is not in plain sight, I use simple (white) LED light bulbs.
The other lighting objects are by the way also made with the use of LED light bulbs in mind. Which doesn't mean that other types of light bulbs (E14 or W27) cannot be used.

Projects / Assignments

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For sales and promotion of my products I collaborate Swan Market (online). Go to www.SwanMarket.nl.

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