Emiel van Kampen, Objects & Projects

Upcycled lighting, accessories and furniture. Handmade objects with attention to sustainability, craftsmanship and reuse of materials.



This unique tripod lamp uses a shielding tube of an old oscilloscope.

The lamp can be dimmed by means of a built-in dimmer on the back of the tube.

The vintage wooden photo tripod enables the lamp to be adjusted in various positions and heights.

  • Height: 90 - 220 cm
  • Width: 43 cm
  • Materials: wood, steel, aluminium
  • Category: upcycled / vintage

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Driven by sustainability

I use discarded / used materials that poses a certain beauty because of their form. To not let this beauty go to waste, I give these materials a new function. My passion lies mainly with industrial and automotive components.

As base material for a new up-cycled object, often there is little to be added to serve it's new function. The original shape and material are reused and given a new life.

The base material for a new up-cycled object must posess a unique form by itself.  If you consider the shape and interpret it in a different manner, the material gets the chance to let go of it's original function.

To utilise the the shape to serve it's new function, the material needs to undergo several machining operations.

The recognizability and link to the past must however not be lost.