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  • Populus, VW Beetle headlight chandelier


    A chandelier made out of 5 VW Beetle headlights.

  • Como, a pendant made from an old electric (collector) motor.


    A pendant made from an old electric (collector) motor.

  • Laundromatic, a pendant made from an old washing machine motor


    A pendant made from an old washing machine motor

  • Tubis, tube chairs


    Chairs made from old galvanised tubes.

  • 425,00 €

    Lamp This lamp is in consignment at Cornerstore in Eindhoven. Go and see/buy it there.

    425,00 €
  • 475,00 €

    VW headlight chandelier consisting of five original VW Beetle headlights, equipped with LED lighting. Hanging on steel cables. This lamp can be built to order. Please take into account one week extra delivery time.

    475,00 €
  • 325,00 €

    325,00 €
  • 225,00 €

    225,00 €

Emiel van Kampen, Objects and Projects.

• Upcycled lighting, accessories and furniture.
• Handmade objects with attention to sustainability, craftsmanship and reuse of resources.
• Projects in Automotive and Design, with feeling for authenticity of man and material.

Material and function

I use used/discarded materials that possess a certain kind of beauty because of their shape.
Not letting this beauty go to waste, I give these materials a new function. My passion mainly lies with industrial and automotive components.

Character and authenticity

The base materials I use for most of my products/objects, are reused and therefore already served a purpose in a 'previous life'. This means that in most cases there is some visible wear on the material like scratches, rust and dents. This gives the material character and makes every object unique. I do my very best to bring out the best in the used materials and take care of a decent finish. Materials with a rusty surface for example get a coat of clear finish and chrome and aluminium are polished.

A base material for a new upcycled object, always has to have a special shape of it's own.  When you consider the shape and interpret it in another way, then the material gets the chance to let go of it's former function. To utilize this shape to serve a new purpose, the material always has to undergo a series of actions. The recognizability however must not go to waste in this process.